About Contempo

Why Choose Contempo College

Contempo College is committed to lifelong learning and ongoing skills development of industry standard. Every employee here at Contempo College is a custodian of our reputation for excellence and integrity, with a responsibility to uphold the standards and values Contempo College represent.

Contempo College is committed to ensuring a healthy, safe and secure environment to our employees, students, clients and other associates. Contempo College places great emphasis on attracting and rewarding the most competent Training Professionals. Our students are the beneficiaries of this policy.

10 Reasons to Choose Contempo College
1. Perth CBD unbeatable accessibility campus location.
2. Friendly supportive trainers and staff.
3. Unique Professional Teaching Methods. We have a team of qualified trainers who are dedicated to deliver industry standard scope.
4. Brand new college with facilities and technology.
5. Small classrooms allowing students for a more personal development.
6. More timetables to suit student individual needs.
7. Flexible tuition payment instalments help students who have financial difficulties.
8. Immediate responses for all complain by our dedicated staff members.
9. Friendly and attentive Student Services, such as on campus multilingual services, helping students with accommodation arrangements, Job support, confidential        counselling for personal, academic or financial concerns.
10. Various student activities such as events, trips and sports.